Why Surety Bond Costs Are Always Worth It

Confused about the value of a surety bond to your business? Great news: surety bond costs are always worth it. Here are the top reasons why that’s true.

Surety bonds are required

In most cases, the obligee requires a surety bond of businesses that want to work in a particular industry. In other words, if you’re going to engage in that business, you’ve got to have the surety bond. The small cost of investing in the bond is the gateway to earning money with your business, making the bond a necessary and worthwhile investment

Surety bonds protect the public

You may be asking: surety bonds protect the public, not you, so what is the added benefit? Well, for one thing, you are a member of the public. But more directly, the public knows that a bonded professional comes with a guarantee that you’ll fulfill your obligations. That peace of mind is worth a lot to potential customers—and to your business.

Surety bonds for contracts and licenses

Beyond those surety bonds required to do business in some industries, some surety bonds are linked to licenses and contracts. For example, a surety bond is required to become a licensed contractor. In many cases, individual contracts also come with surety bonds called contract bonds attached to them. If you want the license and the contracts, you’ve got to have the bonds.

Surety bonds can protect your business

Surety bonds are typically required, but fidelity bonds, a type of surety bond, are optional. These bonds help you guard your business against harm that regular insurance doesn’t touch. For example, fidelity bonds can help protect your company from embezzlement, fraud, and theft.

Surety bonds might help you in court

No one wants to go to court! However, if you must appear in court, a court bond might be necessary. Courts may require this type of surety bond to guard against possible losses from court costs, bail bonds, replevin bonds, and related expenses.


Like other forms of bonds related to the justice system, court bonds usually require collateral—but if a court requires them, you can’t move forward without them. The good news is that if you get ruled against and have to pay costs, the bond will cover it (although you’ll eventually have to repay it).

Find out more about why surety bond costs are worth it

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