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Surety and Performance Bond Services

Viking Bond Service is a national Surety Bond Agency that handles all types and amounts of surety, performance, and fidelity bonds. Viking's team has over one hundred years of combined experience in the surety industry. We offer bonding through all major surety companies using A Rated, and Treasury Listed paper. Viking provides approvals on nearly 100% of the bond requests that we receive. We also have programs available for clients who would not normally qualify for most standard markets due to credit or other reasons. Our goal has and always will be to provide our clients with friendly, honest, and efficient service.

What Services Does Viking Bond Service Provide?

The short answer is that Viking Bond Service provides all the services you need to meet surety bond requirements across the country. More specifically, we offer a huge number of different types of surety bonds in different amounts to applicants in all 50 states. That includes license bonds that many professionals need to obtain before being granted a license to conduct business. It also includes the contract and performance bonds that contractors are often required to get before they can finalize contacts to complete work. We also help people with court bonds that judges require someone to have before court proceedings can continue. Last but not least, we issue fidelity bonds as well, which businesses can use to protect themselves and their customers from common risk. We strive to offer every type of surety bond someone could ever need. So if these requirements ever apply to you, count on Viking Bond Service to supply all the surety bond services you need, along with top-notch service to make everything easy.

Who Needs Surety Bond Service?

More people than you expect. Surety bond requirements are quite common because they protect one party from risks and damages caused by another party. Bonds help to discourage unlawful or unethical behavior, help to regulate sensitive industries, and help victims receive the compensation and justice they deserve. For all these reasons, many formal agreements involved a surety bond requirement. People who are starting their own business may need a surety bond to operate legally. Contractors and construction companies require surety bonds as well, often multiple bonds for each project they work on. Even someone trying to get utility service may need a surety bond. If you’re unsure whether surety bond requirements apply to you (or how they work), rely on Viking Bond Service for help. Our team can provide you with good information about the exact surety bond service you need - free of charge and with no obligation - so that surety bonding issues never hold you back.

How to Access Surety Bond Service?

Obtaining a surety bond sounds like a confusing and time-consuming hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. A top surety agency like Viking Bond Service goes above and beyond to make obtaining surety bonds simple, fast, and affordable for all. The process begins with an application. A bond application will ask for basic information about the applicant’s background, finances, and business interests. There will also be a credit check, and applicants will need to supply a copy of the surety bond requirements - along with any additional documentation the underwriters ask for. After reviewing the application materials, the surety agency will quote a price for the bond premium. Typically, the cost of a bond is a small percentage of the surety bond’s total value (eg. the total amount the surety agrees to pay out in damages). The exact amount depends on the applicant’s credit. Applicant’s with a low credit score or a blemish on their financial record can take advantage of the bad credit surety bond program from Viking Bond Service. After paying the premium, the bond seeker receives a document proving he or she has met the surety bond requirement. The final part of the process is to keep the bond active, renewed (when necessary), and in good standing.

Fast and Efficient Surety Bond Processing

Viking Bond Service works with clients nationwide. When sending documents or processing information we are the leaders in efficiency. We use an internally designed database and file processing system specifically created for tracking and processing surety and performance bonds. This database is maintained by our in-house technical team and tracks all current files, new submissions, as well as renewals. All information is processed and stored electronically using our database thus allowing Viking to operate as a paperless company. This in combination with our highly trained staff ensures a faster turnaround time and better service for our clients and agents. Nearly all original documents are shipped through tracked overnight service.

Surety Bond Only Agency

Surety bonds are our only focus. We do not handle insurance nor do we care to. Insurance agents find our services a strong tool and time saver in taking care of their insureds. Direct clients enjoy the ease of obtaining a product of which most did not even know existed until they were told to go and get one. We are happy to work either through an insurance agent or directly with clients depending on preference or situation.

Our seasoned staff is made up of experienced bond professionals, some of who came to us as ex-underwriters from surety companies. We work as a team to ensure that clients' bonds are issued in a timely manner as well as notifying them of renewal on renewable bonds. When calling our offices to serve a file our clients need to provide only basic information for a Viking representative to pull up their entire file in seconds. We feel that our services are the best in the industry however we continue to strive to exceed our customers' expectations.

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