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Welcome to Whether you are an Insurance Agent or direct client, our Surety Bond Agents are available to assist you. is a bonding company providing surety bonds of all sizes and types for clients nationwide. We provide quotes to clients with good credit or bad credit in most situations. Typically, we provide quotes the same day. Our Contract Performance Bond Department is also ready to process your Bid, Payment, and Performance Bond requests. Viking provides bonding through all major Surety companies in the U.S. and use A-Rated, and Treasury Listed Surety paper.

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Viking Bond Service does not share or release email addresses, phone numbers or ANY other personal information to unauthorized third parties. Information is used for underwriting purposes only. View our Privacy Policy

Insurance Agents

No appointment is needed to fulfill your client's surety bond requirement through Our referring Insurance Agents receive commissions on written bonds regardless of whether we work directly with the client or through the Agent.

is a nationwide Commercial, Contract and Fidelity Bond Agency that handles all types and amounts of surety bonds. Viking offers approvals on nearly all of the bond requests that we receive. We have programs available for clients who would not normally qualify for most standard markets due to poor credit or financial deficiency.

is a surety bond only agency so there is no need to worry about the Insurance side of your client's business being compromised. Make your #1 resource for your Client's surety bond needs.

Starting a New Business?

has experienced Surety Bond Professionals who can help Business Start Ups navigate the bonding process. Many business owners require surety bonds to obtain licenses or permits, while others are required by courts, utilities or other entities.

Viking is licensed nationwide to write surety bonds. Our clients, large and small, from coast to coast, come back to us each time a bond is needed for their business. We make the bonding process simple and easy for our clients. We provide renewal reminders well ahead of bond expiration so our clients can truly focus on other important things. We are also able to remarket the bond at renewal if we see an opportunity to reduce the rate. We strive to be one of the easiest bonding companies to work with.

Bond requests are processed quickly and most can be approved same day for our clients.

Commercial License and Permit Surety Bonds

Viking Bond Service handles all types of License and Permit Surety Bonds for clients in many classes of business. Many types of businesses require License Bonds to meet state requirements. Licensees are typically required to maintain their surety bond in order to maintain licensure. Viking is licensed nationwide to write License and Permit Bonds. We bond clients of all sizes, nationwide. Our clients come back each time a License or Permit Bond is required for their business or for expansion into additional states. License and Permit Bond requests are processed quickly and most can be approved the same day.

Contract Performance Surety Bonds

offers access to nearly every Contract Bond market in the United States. We have a dedicated team that specializes in Contract Performance Bonds. Whether it's a Bid Bond, Performance & Payment Bond, Subdivision Bond, Maintenance Bond, Warranty Bond or Reclamation Bond, our Contract Bond Department is available to get the bonding process moving forward. Our Contract Bond professionals offer a preliminary evaluation of risk based on a few basic aspects and minimal items. With this in mind we can usually offer basic ballpark terms to clients BEFORE going through all of the steps of applying for the surety bond and supplying information. We also have quick & easy programs for smaller Contract Bonds! Speak with one of our Contract Bond specialists today!

Court Bonds

Viking Bond Service issues a variety of court bonds to people who need one as part of the judicial process. Common instances where someone may need a court bond include when they plan to file an appeal or get named as the executor of an estate. Judges require proof of a bond before proceeding with a court case, making it vital to get court bonds in a timely manner. As a nationwide surety agency with extensive experience and abundant resources, Viking Bond Service helps people meet court bond requirements across the country. Don't let bonding issues delay the wheels of justice - meet court bond requirements without hassles or headaches.

Fidelity Bonds

Viking Bond Service helps businesses in all 50 states obtain the fidelity bonds they need to protect their bottom line from losses caused by their employees. Unlike most other types of surety bonds, fidelity bonds are not a legal requirement. Instead, businesses obtain them voluntarily to protect themselves and their clients against damages caused by employees. Fidelity bonds are a smart business strategy for service providers in particular, but they can benefit almost any business by insulating it from common risk. Count on Viking Bond Service to make it fast, easy, and affordable to get this and all other kinds of surety bonds.

The Better Way to Get a Surety Bond

Getting a surety bond can feel like a huge hassle - but only when the wrong surety agency gets involved. Viking Bond Service goes above and beyond to make the bonding process easy and accessible to all. That's apparent to anyone who contacts our team of bond experts. They are eager to answer all questions, provide any information necessary, and walk someone through any part of the process, all free of charge and with no obligation to seek a bond. Rely on us to explore surety bond requirements and make fulfilling those requirements stress-free.

We take the stress out of the equation by making the bond application process completely straightforward. In most cases, applicants complete a standard bond application, provide a copy of the surety bond requirements, and submit a credit check. There may be other paperwork required, but that will be clear up front, and the required docs shouldn't be hard to track down. Underwriters only need 24 hours to create a bond quote in most cases. We work to quickly get a surety bond to anyone who needs one.

One thing that sets Viking Bond Service apart from other surety agencies is our willingness to work with applicants who have bad credit. Other agencies will deny anyone who doesn't have an excellent credit score and a perfect financial record. We take a more enlightened approach. Underwriters look closely at each applicant, including at factors that go beyond credit, and we use the full reach of our agency to explore every possible bond option. While a bond offer is not guaranteed, we often extend offers to people who have been denied offers elsewhere. In that way, Viking Bond Service helps more people meet surety bond requirements and put their ambitions into action.

Our top-notch service doesn't stop once someone gets a surety bond. We work closely with bondholders to keep them informed about renewal requirements and updated about the claims process. Above all, we strive to be a bonding partner (not just provider) that people can rely on for all their surety bond needs, and come back to confidently, over and over again. We have earned the trust and loyalty of countless business professionals across America - and we are eager to do the same for everyone we work with.

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