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TABC Conduct Surety Bond

What is a Conduct Surety Bond?

A Conduct Bond is a surety bond required by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC). This surety bond is required of retailers that do not hold a food and beverage certificate but serve alcoholic beverages on the premises. A Conduct bond may be required of a retailer whose gross receipts come primarily from the sale of alcoholic beverages.

TABC Conduct Surety Bonds are usually $5,000 bonds. Higher bond amounts may be required. According to the TABC, the bond amount is determined by the retailer's distance from the nearest public school.

How does a Conduct Surety Bond work?

The Conduct Bond is required to maintain the license or permit needed to continue to operate the retail location. The bond provides a form of guarantee that the retailer will abide by the TABC code, rules and state laws regarding alcoholic beverages.

In the instance where a retailer violates these laws, the state can place a claim on the bond. The surety, the company providing the guarantee behind the surety bond, would be responsible for a payment to the state up to the amount of the bond. If a claim was filed on the bond, the surety would pay the state then attempt to collect from the retailer the amount paid on the claim. The retailer is still ultimately financially responsible for any amount paid out on a claim by the surety.

Who should get a Conduct Surety Bond?

That's up to the TABC to determine. Typically, the bond must be obtained before a business is allowed to operate legally. There could be financial and legal penalties for operating without a bond, so it's in the interest of anyone required to get a bond to fulfill this requirement sooner rather than later. Viking Bond Service, a nationwide surety brokerage with connections to bond companies across Texas, can help you get a bond quote in as little as 24 hours.

Who are the parties involved in a Conduct Surety Bond?

There are three parties in all surety bond agreements, each with a different role to play:

  • The Principal - The principal is the business required by the TABC to obtain the bond. The principal is also responsible for keeping the bond renewed and in good standing, and responsible for settling any claims filed against the bond.
  • The Obligee - The obligee is the TABC. The obligee outlines the bond requirements and also has the right to file a claim for damages against the bond if the principal doesn't meet those obligations.
  • The Surety - The surety is the company that issues the bond and covers the cost of claims. When the surety pays, the principal must pay that debt back with interest and potentially feeds added to the total.

How much does a Conduct Surety Bond cost?

Rates for bonds vary widely. The premium rates are determined based on various factors which include credit and financial standing. Typically, the poorer the credit, the higher the quotes are. The best way to get a truly accurate quote for a conduct surety bond is to apply for the bond and let the underwriter review the request and put a quote together. Viking Bond Service, Inc. will always attempt to get the best rate for the request. In instances where the rate is high to start due to challenged credit, our renewal department can remarket the bond if there has been an improvement in credit and/or financial standing.

Can you get a Conduct Surety Bond with bad credit?

The best way to get a TABC conduct surety bond when you have a low credit score or something like a bankruptcy on your record is to work with a top surety brokerage like Viking Bond Service. Since we work with multiple sureties, we can help you find one willing to work with your credit situation. You should expect to pay a higher rate. However, you shouldn't expect your credit situation to automatically disqualify you for a bond.

How long does a Conduct Surety Bond remain valid?

These bonds remain valid for 12 months, after which they stop providing coverage and must be renewed. If a business does not renew the bond, it jeopardizes its ability to continue selling alcohol. To renew your bond you will need to agree to another credit check. Based on changes to your credit score or standing over the previous year, your premium costs could go up or down annually.

How are claims handled for Conduct Surety Bonds?

The surety only agrees to settle valid claims. That's why they launch a thorough investigation before paying anything out. As long as the claim holds up under scrutiny, the surety guarantees to settle the full amount of the claim up to the total of the bond. The principal no longer owes money to the obligee, the TABC, but now they owe that same amount plus interest and investigation fees to the surety.

How to apply for a Conduct Surety Bond?

Contact us to go over your bond request. Our agents will be able to tell you exactly what may be required to get a good quote for your specific bond request. Then complete an application and send any required documentation. A financial statement is not always needed but may be required along with the application. An agent will let you know if a financial statement will benefit the quote.

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