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Cosmetology School Surety Bond

(Aka: Barber School Bond, Esthetics School Bond, Manicure School Bond)

If you're in the cosmetology industry, you know how important cosmetology schools are to the profession. Any cosmetology school that collects tuition is required to have a Cosmetology School Surety Bond. If you are interested in having your own school, it's helpful to familiarize yourself with the basics of this surety bond. is committed to providing surety bond solutions to schools around the country, as well as resources for understanding the fundamentals behind these bonds.

What is a Cosmetology School Surety Bond?

The Cosmetology School Surety Bond is required by some states in order to obtain and maintain a license to operate a cosmetology school. The bond is put in place to protect the student's unearned, prepaid tuition. If a breach in the contract between the school and the student occurs, a claim can be made on the bond.

The Cosmetology School Bond amount can vary state by state. In most cases, there is a minimum bond amount required by state statutes, often $10,000. In some states the actual required bond amount will depend on the amount of gross tuition receipts.

To understand the basics of how surety bonds for cosmetology school work, it's helpful to touch upon what a surety bond is. There are three parties involved with every surety bond:

  • The obligee, which is the entity that requires the bond. In this case, it is the state that requires the cosmetology school bond, on behalf of its citizens. They require this bond to ensure that cosmetology schools adhere to the rules and regulations it sets forth.
  • The principal, which is the party that needs the surety bond. That's the cosmetology school owner in this situation. They are obligated to operate in the manner set forth by the obligee.
  • The surety is the underwriter of the bond. They determine the principal's eligibility for the surety bond based on a variety of factors including their ability to settle a claim against the bond if need be. If the obligee makes a claim against the surety bond, the surety determines whether the claim is valid, and if so, compensates the obligee. The principal is then required to pay the surety back for these dispersed funds.

These three parties work together to ensure that all cosmetology schools are operating in good faith and in accordance to state laws.

Obtaining a Cosmetology School Surety Bond

Processing a Cosmetology School Bond is typically simple and easy. Minimal documentation is needed in most cases. Quotes are usually provided same day or within 24 hours.

, has over thirty years providing surety bond solutions for businesses across the country. When you're ready to get your surety bond needs taken care of, simply reach out to one of our Surety Bond Experts or complete an online application to get a quote for your bond requirement. We'll walk you through the process from start to finish, so you can go on to have a successful cosmetology school.

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