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Viking Bond Service, a Surety Bonding Company

Viking Bond Service is a surety bonding company that you can count on for all of your surety bond needs. We're a national bonding company with many years of experience in the industry. In fact, our team has over a century of combined experience handling all types and amounts of surety bonds.

Finding it hard to procure a surety bonding company? Viking Bond Service can help. Unlike many other surety bond companies, Viking Bond Service offers approvals for the majority of applications we receive. Some people may find it difficult to obtain a surety bond if they have a poor credit history or a financial deficit. Viking Bond Service has bad credit bond programs available to help all applicants find a surety bond to fit their needs.

The Best Surety Bond Company

At Viking Bond Service we pride ourselves on our friendly, honest, and efficient service. We've developed industry-leading efficiency methods to ensure that our national operation runs smoothly. We boast an in-house technical team who monitor our proprietary database and processing system to track all new and existing surety bond applications. We operate a paperless system, which helps our team be incredibly efficient and offer a 24-hour turnaround for quote requests. We also ship the majority of the paperwork via a tracked overnight service, so you have your documents when you need them. At Viking Bond Service we're a bonding company you can count on for A-Rated, Treasury Listed, surety bonds.

Viking Bond Serviceā€”A surety bonding company since 2002

Viking Bond Service was established in Mesa, Arizona back in 2002 by Michael Herranen. In 2004 Michael was joined by William Belpedio, who brought his exceptional work ethic and surety bond experience to the team. In 2005 Thomas Buckner also joined Viking Bond Service bringing with him many years of surety bond experience and an incredible knowledge of contract surety, which includes bid, payment, and performance bonding.

Our surety bonding company has now grown to sixteen employees and is based out of Deer Valley, Arizona, with an additional satellite office in Walnut Creek, California, and Rio Rancho, New Mexico. We're one of the premier surety bond companies in the US with a large book of existing business surety accounts.

Viking Bond Service writes bonds through all of the major surety bond companies in the United States. Viking was built on providing a quick and efficient service to our customers and we still boast a 24-hour turnaround time on most quote requests. Our quality service ensures that we build long-lasting relationships with all of our clients.

The Benefit of a Bond Partner

Some people only need a surety bond once - in which case they want to obtain one quickly and easily. However, many people (professionals especially) need surety bonds throughout their careers. Either they need to keep a bond active and in good standing at all times. Or else they need multiple different bonds that expire at the end of a project. For these people, it helps to have a bond partner to rely on time and time again. Meeting bond requirements is incredibly important - but it can also be a source of confusion or distraction. The right bond partner does whatever it takes to simplify and streamline the process each and every time.

What Makes Viking Bond Service Different?

Why do so many of our clients make us their long-term surety bond partners and rely on us for all their bonding needs? Because we go above and beyond. Standards in the surety bond industry are not consistent. Some agencies care a lot more than others. At Viking Bond Service, we set a higher standard by fine-tuning everything we do. Here's what sets up apart:

  • Scope - As a nationwide surety agency, we serve people from one coast to the other and everywhere in between. We also offer a large range of bonds customized to the requirements in each state so that people only need to contact one agency to find the right bond.
  • Simplicity - Bonding can be a confusing process - but not at Viking Bond Service. We put ourselves in the bond-seeker's shoes to understand how we could improve the process. Our bond application is simple and straightforward. Keeping bond coverage is just as easy. We don't think bonding should be a difficult hurdle for the millions of people in America who require surety bonds.
  • Speed - Getting a bond quote takes 24 hours or less in most cases. When someone needs a bond, it's important to meet that requirement ASAP. Viking Bond Service moves at the same speed as the people we serve so that bond requirements don't delay more important things.
  • Service - Our team of bond experts leaps into action whenever someone has a question or needs assistance of any kind. Feel free to contact us for help making sense of bond requirements. All our advice is free of charge, and we don't require anyone to seek a bond from us just for asking questions. Consider us the best source for both surety bonds and for information about them.
  • Cost - Our size and commitment to service allow us to offer competitive rates for all the surety bonds we issue. Prices for the same bond can vary widely between different surety agencies. People always know they're getting a fair rate when they work with Viking Bond Service.
  • Accessibility - Other surety bond agencies refuse to work with applicants who have less than perfect credit. At Viking Bond Service, we do just the opposite. Our bad credit surety bond program leverages our extensive resources to help more people find bond options even with less-than-stellar credit. Anyone who has been denied a bond elsewhere is strongly encouraged to work with Viking Bond Service instead.

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Viking Bond Service makes it easy to apply for a surety bond. Call 1-888-278-7389, send us an email or use our online application form to request a quote, today. For a bonding company you can trust with all of your surety bond needs, choose Viking Bond Service.

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