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Surety Bonding Process

How to Get Started


Viking can service surety bond requests nationwide for any type of surety bond. Whether you are a person or business seeking licensure or a contractor bidding on a job, Viking can provide competitive terms and quick service. Getting the bonding process started with Viking is easy. There are several ways to get started with Viking:

  • Call Us. (1-888-278-7389) We are happy to take your call and go over your specific request person to person.
  • Complete the Online Application.
  • Use an existing surety bond application. If you have already completed an application elsewhere, you may send that same application in to us and we will work from it, rather than having you complete a new one. Additionally, you can send in any surety bond quote received elsewhere and we will attempt to beat it.
  • Complete the Contact Form on the page and indicate the type of bond required if known. One of our specialists will contact you shortly after you complete the form.
  • Email Us. You can email us with any questions or with an explanation of what you are looking for. Be sure to include contact information so one of our specialists can get back to you via your preferred method of communication.

Surety Bonds Explained

A surety bond is a type of protection usually required by state, local or federal government agencies. The purpose of a bond is to provide a form of protection for either the general public or groups or individuals specifically stated.

A surety bond is not insurance although often grouped with and referred to as an insurance product. Instead it is a three party agreement. The parties are as follows:

  • The Principal - the primary person or business entity who will be performing a contractual obligation, seeking licensure, or performing a role or duties in accordance with the obligee's expectations.
  • The Obligee - the party who is the recipient of the obligation (usually a government entity).
  • The Surety - who ensures (guarantees) that the Principal's obligations will be performed. Sureties are similar to (sometimes divisions of) insurance companies.

Through this agreement, the Surety agrees to uphold - for the benefit of the obligee - the contractual obligations made by the Principal if that Principal fails to uphold its promises to the obligee. The surety bond is provided to induce the obligee to contract with (or license) the Principal, i.e., to demonstrate the credibility of the Principal and guarantee performance and completion per the terms of the agreement.

In the instance where the Principal fails to uphold their obligation, a claim may be made on the bond. If a valid claim is presented, the Surety will pay on the claim in accordance with the surety bond language. The Principal, however, is ultimately financially responsible for any amount paid toward a claim.

Surety Bond Rates

Viking provides Bonding through all major Sureties using A Rated, Treasury Listed paper. This means Viking can do the shopping for you and offer you the most competitive quotes.

Surety Bond rates can vary greatly based on the type and amount of the bond, the quality of credit and in some cases, financials. Typically, the better the credit and/or financials, the better the rate. Poor credit will typically receive higher quotes.

In most cases, the only accurate way to get the rate for your specific request is to get a quote. An underwriter will take all of the variables into consideration and offer a corresponding rate.

In instances where the initial rate is high due to poor credit, upon renewal, if applicable to the bond type, Viking can review updated credit and/or financials. If there is sufficient improvement, our renewal department can search for more favorable rates and terms.

The Surety Bonding Process

  1. The first step is to contact us. We will send you the applicable application and let you know if anything else is needed to get your quote.
  2. The next step is to complete the application and send any supporting documentation if necessary. Business and Personal financials are not always required but could potentially help to get a more favorable quote. We can let you know if financials would result in a more favorable quote.
    • Some requests require supporting documentation such as a court order for judicial/court types. Some more unique surety bond requests may require their specifically worded forms. We will let you know if any additional documentation is required for your specific request.
  3. Once the application is received, we will seek approvals and quotes from our Surety Companies.
  4. Upon receipt of Surety approval, we will relay the most favorable terms to you. Quotes are typically received within 24 hours of receiving the application. Viking Quotes are FREE with No Obligation.
  5. The last step is to simply pay the premium and receive your surety bond!

Viking can assist with ANY type of Surety Bond

Viking Bond Service, Inc. has the necessary Surety relationships that enable us to assist with any type of surety bond. We are able to assist with Contract Bonds of all amounts, Judicial/Court, Financial Guarantee, License and Permit, as well as other miscellaneous bond types. We are also able to assist with any Fidelity Policy requests. Regardless of type, Viking provides fast quotes, competitive rates and friendly service.

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Call Us: (888-278-7389)


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