Why to choose Viking Bond for your surety bond needs?

Why to choose Viking Bond for your surety bond needs
Surety bonds are an integral part of many businesses, that’s why it’s important to choose a bond company that you can rely on. Viking Bond provides businesses with an easy, affordable, and reliable surety bond service. In addition to our impeccable customer service here are seven reasons to choose Viking Bond:

Surety bonds made easy

We’ve made it easy to get the surety bond you need for your business by making our application process quick and simple. Many surety bonds can be applied for using our online application form. You can also call and talk to one of our agents if you’d like to discuss your surety bond needs in more detail.

Get quotes fast

We get you surety bond quotes fast! In fact, we aim to provide a premium quote for a bond on the same day that the bond is received.

Licensed nationwide

Viking Bond Service is licensed in every state, meaning that we can help you get the right surety bond wherever you are!

All types of surety bonds

Our agents have expert knowledge about all types of surety bonds. Whether you need a contract bond, commercial bond, or you are unsure of your bond needs we’re here to help.

High approval rate

We approve the majority of bond applications we receive!  Many people don’t realize that their surety bond application could be declined due to a poor credit history. Viking Bond works with people of all credit scores to help them get the bond they need to move their business forward.

We’re up-to-date with all surety bond rules and regulations

We value continued education and learning. Our agents focus on staying up-to-date with all of the latest industry news. We closely monitor changes in surety bond regulation in every state to ensure that we can give our clients the most accurate advice on their surety bond needs.

We manage your business bond needs

As a business owner, we understand that you have a thousand other things to think about in addition to surety bonds. That’s why at Viking Bond we’ve developed our bond service to include reminders. We’ll notify you in advance when your bond is due for renewal and even remarket your bond to ensure that you’re getting the best possible deal. Your bond needs are covered when you choose Viking Bond!

Start your bond application by filling in our online application or calling our team, today!