Tips for Texas Business Owners Who Want to Serve Alcohol On Their Premises

Serving alcohol on your premises makes smart business sense. According to Joseph Levey, a lawyer who specializes in liquor licenses, alcohol has a 20-40% profit margin compared to food, which tracks at less than 10%. Serving alcohol, developing a drink program, or even building a bar area can all make your establishment more attractive to patrons and a lot more profitable as a result. However, unlike most other new menu items, alcohol creates unique challenges, and if you’re not prepared it can negatively affect your business. Start serving the right way by following these tips: Continue reading “Tips for Texas Business Owners Who Want to Serve Alcohol On Their Premises”

How to Stand Out in an Overcrowded Fitness Market

It’s safe to say the US fitness industry is in great shape. There are over 111,000 businesses helping people get fit, employing more than 800,000 people and earning a projected $36 billion in 2019. Anyone interested in joining the industry should be excited by those numbers, but they are cause for concern as well.

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4 Reasons Why Iowa Auto Dealer Bonds are Useful

Iowa auto dealer bonds aren’t just useful; they’re also mandatory. Until you have one, it’s illegal for you to sell vehicles in the state. Fortunately, obtaining an Iowa motor vehicle bond is an opportunity as well as an obligation. Once you’re bonded it benefits yourself, your business, and all the customers you serve. Start by learning what kind of bond you need, then discover why it’s such an asset. Continue reading “4 Reasons Why Iowa Auto Dealer Bonds are Useful”

5 Ways to Grow Your Construction Business

Most people start a construction business because they have experience and expertise with a specific trade. Unfortunately, completing construction work and running a business require two very different skill sets. This becomes apparent once the construction business is up and running yet struggling to grow into something bigger. It’s hard for any business to reach the next level, especially if the owner has never done it before. Break out of the rut with these 5 growth strategies: Continue reading “5 Ways to Grow Your Construction Business”

What You Should Know About Medical Marijuana In Georgia

Did you know that medical marijuana has been legal in Georgia since 2015? Former Governor Nathan Deal passed a law that year allowing the sale of low-THC cannabis oil to patients with specific medical conditions. However, the law didn’t allow for this oil to be produced or sold in the state, meaning patients could possess it but they couldn’t procure it.


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How Investment Advisor Bonds Work

Anyone who is planning to charge consumers a fee for providing financial advice must acquire an investment advisor surety bond, also called a financial advisor bond. The investment advisor surety bond is required to do this kind of work in most states. Usually, proof of the investment advisor surety bond must be submitted to the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs or the Department of Finance in the state in question.

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3 Things You Need to Know About Timber Sales Bonds

Forests are a public resource, providing we the people with timber for professional, public, and personal uses. Removing trees can help both contractors and landowners earn money, and if it is done properly, it can be done in harmony with the local ecosystem. However, when trees are removed incorrectly, harm to nearby waterways and surrounding wildlife is possible.

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Breaking Down Contract Surety Bonds: What is a Payment Bond?

Another type of contract bond is the payment bond. These bonds are required for most construction projects, so many, if not most, contractors have had these bonds. Payment bonds guarantee that subcontractors, laborers, and materials suppliers will be paid, and paid on time. Payment bonds and the surety companies that back them keep projects lien-free and help ensure that all parties are happy.

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