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Surety Bonds in Wisconsin

Surety Bonds in Wisconsin - State Capital Building Madison, WI

The team at Viking Bond Service has many years of experience helping businesses find the right surety bond in WI. As one of the premier bonding services in the US, we have the knowledge to ensure that you get the bond you need when you need it. We offer a simple application process that can be completed very quickly. Whether you need a contract bond for your next project or a commercial bond to secure your license we’re here to help you find an affordable option. At Viking, we understand that getting the right bond is vital to your business, that’s why we offer a fast an efficient service designed to get the bond your business needs to move forward.

How to Get a Surety Bond in Wisconsin

To make securing a surety bond in Wisconsin simple you should work with a bonding company that has experience securing bonds in the state. Viking Bond Service offers a first-class bonding process that can help you get a bond in just a few days. If you’d like a commercial bond you can apply using our secure online application. Our team of licensed bonding agents are also available to get the application process moving forward. To secure a contract bond, our experienced contract bonding agents will determine which application best matches your specific surety bond requirement and will guide you through the process from application to bond issuance. The typical bonding process will include the application, a credit check and at times additional supporting documentation such as business financial statements or business work history.

The Cost of Wisconsin Surety Bonds

Surety bond companies calculate bond premiums using the data in your application. There are many factors that play a role in determining bond cost, but three things play a large role in premium cost, these are bond type, bond amount, and credit history. Credit is taken into consideration by surety underwriters when determining the risk associated with issuing the requested surety bond. Good credit has a beneficial impact on surety bond quotes while challenged credit can result in higher quotes.

Common Wisconsin Surety Bonds

Surety bonds in Wisconsin are split into two types: commercial bonds and contract bonds. Viking Bond Service agents can help you purchase all types of surety bonds available in the state.

Commercial bonds are often a requirement for businesses applying for operating licenses in Wisconsin. They can be required at local or state level and are often known as permit bonds or license bonds. Commercial bonds are common for auto dealers and mortgage brokers.

Contract bonds provide surety bond coverage for contracts. These types of bonds are frequently used in the construction industry to protect one of the parties from financial loss should the other party fail to comply with the contract terms. The four main types of contract bonds are bid bonds, performance bonds, payment bonds, and maintenance bonds.

Wisconsin Surety Bonds by Viking Bond Service

Choose Viking Bond service to find an affordable commercial or contract surety bond in WI. Our experienced agents are here to help you get the right bond at the best price.

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