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Notary Bonds in Florida

There are lots of reasons to become a notary public in Florida. Providing notary services can be a supplemental source of income, a career in high-demand, or a tool you use as part of your job (as a banker, for example). Before the state allows you to provide notary services, however, you must meet several requirements, one of which is to obtain a Florida notary surety bond. What does this surety bond requirement mean for you? This page explains everything.

How Does a Notary Bond in Florida Work?

A Florida notary bond makes the bondholder liable for illegal conduct or mistakes that result in damages to clients or the public at large. For example, if a notary puts their seal on a document they know to be fraudulent, resulting in financial losses for someone, the bond makes them responsible for those damages.

Here's how the bond agreement works:

  1. Anyone who feels their notary acted unlawfully may file a claim for damages against the bond.
  2. That claim will be investigated to determine if it's valid.
  3. The notary must pay for all valid claims, but if they can't or won't, the surety that underwrites the bond will pay the claimant.
  4. Anyone who files a legitimate claim receives a guaranteed settlement. The surety provides that guarantee, but the notary still has the liability.
  5. When the surety pays a claim, the notary must always pay back that same amount with interest and fees added to the total. Unpaid debts could go to collections or result in legal action.

Who Needs a Notary Bond in Florida?

Anyone who intends to serve as a notary in any capacity must have a Florida notary surety bond before providing services of any kind. Working without the required bond is illegal and subject to penalties.

Florida Notary Surety Bond Requirements

Under state law, Florida notaries must obtain a surety bond with $7,500 in coverage. That means the surety that issues and backs the bond will pay up to, but not more than, $7,500 to settlement claims. Bond coverage remains in effect for four years, after which it must be renewed to continue serving as a notary.

Outside the bond requirements, you will need to meet the following qualifications to become a notary in Florida:

  • Pass a free online notary course
  • Be at least 18
  • Be a legal resident of Florida
  • Have no criminal convictions or felonies

How to Get a Notary Bond in Florida

Getting a notary bond requires nothing more than filling out a quick application and paying the bond premium. The process takes minutes, and you can meet the surety bond requirement in under 24 hours. Count on Viking Bond Service to make the bonding process easy for everyone. Next, all you will need is to pass your notary course to start offering your services to the public!

The Cost of a Notary Bond in Florida

The surety determines the cost of the surety bond, but it is less than $100 in most cases. There is also a $39 state filing fee you must pay, along with the cost of a notary seal. For less than $150, in most cases, you can meet all the requirements to become a Florida notary.

Get a Notary Bond in Florida From Viking Bond Service

Since you will need a notary bond for as long as you perform notary services, choose a bond provider that can be a long-term partner. Bonds are very important for both notaries and the people they serve. Take the stress and uncertainty out of the process by choosing Viking Bond Service.

Our company works with notaries all over the Sunshine State, and we are eager to earn your loyalty too. You can apply for a notary bond at any time and fulfill your bond requirements fast. You can also rely on our team for answers and information. Contact us or call 1-888-2-SURETY (1-888-278-7389).

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