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Arizona Contractor License Bond

Contractor License Bonds in Arizona - State Capitol Building in Phoenix, AZ

A contractor license bond is an essential part of the licensing process for contractors seeking licensure in Arizona. The contractor license bond is an agreement between the surety, the contractor and the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. The bond requirement is in place as a consumer protection. Contractor license bond also serve the purpose of boosting consumer confidence in hiring contractors.

The contractor license bond is a kind of guarantee for the state that a contractor will conduct business in a manner congruent with applicable state laws and regulations. It tells the state that you as a contractor will always uphold high ethical and professional practices. The public also benefits from contractor license bonds. Being bonded sends the message that the contractor will complete the work in an acceptable manner and will seek to remedy any issues with the work performed if any should arise.

What Is a Contractor License Bond and What Does It Cover?

A contractor license bond is a form of guarantee that the licensed contractor will conduct business and complete work in a manner acceptable to state laws and regulations. If a contractor doesn't deliver, either by performing a job with poor workmanship or not completing a job, the potential for a claim to be made on the bond arises.

It’s good practice to avoid bond claims. Claims on the contractor license bond could lead to the surety cancelling the bond. When this happens, the contractor will have to find a bond with a different surety, often with higher costs due to the prior claims history. Since the contractor license bond is a requirement to maintain licensure, it’s best to resolve any issues with the performed work before it results in a claim on the bond.

While required as a consumer protection, contractor license bonds are also a useful tool for licensed contractors. The bond helps with building consumer confidence in contractors. It lets them know that they’re working with a contractor who will perform quality work.

How to Get a Contractor License Bond in Arizona

Contractors must purchase Arizona contractor license bonds and show proof of the bond to the Arizona Registrar of Contractors (ROC) to be licensed. These bonds are common and can be purchased from a surety bonding company licensed through the Arizona Department of Insurance. The contractor must pay premiums to keep the bond current for as long as the contractor license remains active.

Contractor license bond amounts vary in Arizona. The required bond amount is based on the license type: Residential, Commercial General or Specialty, and the expected gross business volume. Bond amounts range from $2,500 for a Commercial Specialty Contractor with a gross volume of $150,00 or less, to $100,000 for Commercial General Contractors with a gross volume exceeding $10 million.

The Cost of Arizona Contractor License Bonds

Surety companies determine how much Arizona contractor license bonds cost using individual applicant determinations. The total cost depends mostly on the contractor's credit, and their record as a contractor to some extent, especially if the contractor has past bond claims. Contractors with good credit with good credit will typically receive lower bond quotes than a contractor with challenged credit. The typical price range for an Arizona contractor license bond is from 1.75% to 5% of the bond amount.

Arizona Contractor License Bonds by Viking Bond Service

At Viking Bond Service we have earned our reputation as a top Arizona contractor license bond provider. Businesses and individuals in Arizona trust us to help them secure contractor license bonds, just like people across the nation have for over a decade. Our experienced team of licensed surety bond agents will get you through the simple Arizona contractor license bonding process, so you get the bond you need with no issues or headache. Call us today or use our online application to get started.

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