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California Legal Document Assistant Surety Bond

A legal document assistant (LDA) in California is an experienced professional authorized to prepare legal documents at the direction of a client. Previously known as independent paralegals, LDAs provide valuable assistance to clients who handle their own legal matters without the advice of an attorney. Because an LDA provides essential help with a wide range of legal issues, they must do so in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations, and ethics. Enter surety bonds. A California legal document assistant bond protects clients from financial harm should their LDA commit an infraction.

What is a California Legal Document Assistant (LDA) Surety Bond?

A California legal document assistant bond is a type of surety bond that protects an LDA's clients from financial loss due to the LDA's actions. The California surety bond provides a financial incentive for LDAs to follow all laws and regulations in an ethical fashion. It also provides a mechanism for clients to get recourse if the LDA commits fraud or another financially damaging action.

How Do Legal Document Assistant Bonds Work in California?

A California legal document assistant bond is a legal contract among three parties:

  • The Principal – The principal is the bonded entity. In this case, the legal document assistant is the principal.
  • The Obligee – This is the governing body that requires the bond, e.g., the state of California.
  • The Surety – The insurance company that underwrites the bond is the surety.

If a client believes they have been financially harmed by their legal document assistant, they can file a claim against the California LDA bond. The surety thoroughly investigates all claims. If they find in favor of the claimant, the surety pays the claim up to the full bond value. However, if they decide the LDA was blameless, the claim will be dismissed. The principal must repay all claims paid by the surety.

Who Needs an LDA Bond in California?

Anyone seeking employment as a legal document assistant in the state must obtain a California LDA bond. It is considered a type of license and permit bond because it is required before legal employment can begin. You'll need to register with the county clerk in each county where you intend to work. You will need the California surety bond for the first registration. As long as you remain bonded, you will not need an additional bond for each county.

How Much Does a California Legal Document Assistant Surety Bond Cost?

A California legal document assistant bond is set at $25,000 and is valid for two years. The cost of the surety bond is a tiny fraction of the bond's value. Depending upon the principal's credit rating, the cost is just .5% - 3% of the bond. Those with better credit pay a lower premium. But at Viking Bond Service, we work with you to help you qualify for the lowest possible cost.

How Can I Get a California Legal Document Assistant Surety Bond?

At Viking Bond Service, we make it easy to obtain a surety bond. Simply fill out our online bond application, and we'll get you a competitive California legal document preparer bond quote ASAP. Or contact us online or by phone at 1-888-2-SURETY (1-888-278-7389). We look forward to being your surety partner!

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