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Washington DC Construction Bond

Before you or the construction company you operate can start work on projects throughout the Washington DC area, you may need a specialized type of surety bond. Known as a construction bond or a contract bond, these protections are an important part of the construction industry that anyone involved needs to understand. Consider this your quick and clear guide to construction bonds in Washington DC.

What is a Washington DC Construction Bond?

A construction bond, in DC and the rest of the country, is a legally binding agreement between three parties involved in a contractual arrangement. Those parties include a contractor or construction company (known as the principal), a project owner or investor who hires them for work (known as the obligee), and a company that issues surety bonds (known as the surety). If the contractors do not meet the agreed upon conditions - to finish on time, to stay within budget, to follow through on bids, to pay suppliers and laborers, etc. - the project owner can file a claim with the surety seeking compensation. The purpose of surety bonds is to hold the principal accountable for their misbehavior while providing the obligee a way to seek justice in the form of compensation equal to the damages suffered. The surety acts as an intermediary between the two.

How does a Construction Bond in DC work?

When the party that hired the contractor finds fault with the work performed (or not performed), that party may file a claim for damages. The surety agency that issued the bond will investigate the claim to prove whether or not it's true. Provided that the details of the claim hold up under scrutiny, the surety agency immediately pays the claimant in full. The final step is for the bonded party (the contractor) who caused the claim to pay the surety agency back. The bonded party has full financial responsibility for all claims, plus must pay interest and fees levied by the surety agency.

Who needs to get a Construction Bond in DC?

A contract will specify if and when you need to get a Washington DC construction bond before you can finalize the agreement. It's up to the project owner to decide when surety bonds are necessary and how large they must be. Surety bond requirements are common on large scale construction projects, but even some homeowners require them from people doing renovations or repairs. Any construction company, whether in Washington DC or elsewhere, should be prepared to get surety bonds so that unnecessary delays don't stall projects and the revenue they represent. It helps to know a great surety agency in advance. Viking Bond Service is here to help with your bonding needs whenever they arise.

Why do you need a Washington DC Construction Bond?

Contracts include surety bond requirements because they protect the project owner from risk. If the unexpected happens, the surety bond provides a way to seek compensation for recovery while holding the party responsible accountable. As the bonded party, it's easy to be resentful of a surety bond requirement. However they benefit all involved, especially the contractors who are able to gain the trust of clients thanks to their status as fully bonded.

Who are the parties involved in a DC Construction Surety Bond?

  • Principal - The contractor who obtains the bond and accepts the liability for any valid claims that result in a settlement to the obligee.
  • Obligee - The project owner who can file claims against the bond for work done by the principal that does not live up to the standards stipulated in a contract.
  • Surety - The company that issues the DC contract bond to the principal. When the principal can't or won't pay for claims, the surety guarantees payment, after which the principal must pay the debt back.

How to apply for a DC Contract Bond?

If you're in need of a contract bond in Washington DC, there's no reason to delay the application process. The process involves a standard bond application, which will ask for details about your background, your finances, and your business. You will also need to provide a copy of the surety bond requirements and agree to a credit check. Surety agencies vet construction bonds very carefully, so you may need to turn over additional documentation.

How much do Construction Bonds in DC cost?

Two factors determine the cost, otherwise known as the premium. First, the size of the bond. The obligee decides how large the surety bond must be based on the risk of the principal not living up to expectations. Surety bond costs are a small percentage of the total size of the bond. The surety agency decides how much, exactly, based on how risky they consider a bond applicant to be. You can expect to pay more if you have bad credit, but don't anticipate being denied outright.

Viking Bond Service - A Trusted Provider of Construction Bonds

Every contractor or construction company needs a bond partner - someone you can rely on for each surety bond your business requires and everything in between. That's where Viking Bond Service comes in. We offer everything the people in and around Washington DC need to meet surety bond requirements. More than offer them, we make the bonding experience streamlined and straightforward for the local contactors we help get bonded.

Want to start the process right now? Contact us through the form on this page or call us at 1-888-278-7389. To learn more about what a surety bond is and how to obtain a surety bond, turn to Viking Bond Service for expert advice.

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