Why Travel Agents Need an ARC Bond for the Upcoming Holiday Season

why travel agents need an ARC bond

The holidays are coming up, and that means more people taking to the skies to visit loved ones and embark on getaway adventures. As a travel agent, you help your clients enjoy the best vacations possible, taking care of the details so that they can focus on enjoying themselves.


With all the increased air traffic, it’s more important than ever for travel agents to secure Airline Reporting Commission (ARC) bonds this holiday season. ARC bonds give travel companies the confidence that you, as a travel agent, will conduct proper travel arrangements and will fulfill payments owed to them. When it comes to building a positive reputation for your travel agency, ARC bonds give you the power to create and maintain better professional relationships. Let’s dive into why it’s so important for travel agents to secure ARC bonds for the upcoming holiday season.


ARC Bonds: Connecting You and the Airline

For travel agents to distribute airline tickets and collect payment for them, an ARC bond must be secured beforehand. These bonds serve as a type of accreditation: they show customers and airlines alike that you are approved to handle travel transactions. Though states may differ in their travel agent bond requirements, ARC bonds are applicable nationwide, since they directly involve the ARC. In order for airlines to supply you with the types of flight deals that can set your travel agency apart from the competition, they have to know that you will conduct your business in good faith and deliver payment to the proper recipient. ARC bonds are a must for providing peace-of-mind to airlines—so that you can pass on the travel deals to your customers.


What to Look for with ARC Bonds

When it comes to finding an ARC bond provider, it’s important to work with a surety company that continually checks your bond for improved credit status. Viking Bond Services has been providing ARC bonds for over a decade, making sure that travel agencies have the tools they need to provide a superior service. Our online quoting platform can often provide same-day feedback on your ARC bond inquiry, and you’ll have the confidence of knowing that you’re working with the best surety company in the business. Viking Bond Service combines unparalleled surety bond expertise with a personalized commitment to your business and your vision.


At Viking Bond Service, we are more than happy to assist you with all of your ARC bond needs. For more information or to get the process started, give us a call at 1-888-278-7389 or contact us online today.