Tips About Cosmetology School You Can’t Afford to Miss

Now is an excellent time to start a career in cosmetology. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 673,000 beauty professionals employed in America as of 2016. More importantly, that number is expected to rise by 13% by 2026, bringing over 87,000 new cosmetologists into the field. What all this means is that if you graduate from an institution with a cosmetology school bond in the next several years, there will likely be jobs available.


Before you start your exciting new career, you need to earn a degree from a cosmetology school. Most states require you to have a degree before granting you a professional license. The training and education you receive affects the success of your entire career, so which school you attend is important. Use these tips to help you find the right cosmetology school that works for your career goals.

How to Pick a Cosmetology School

There are cosmetology schools all across the country. One or more is probably close to where you live, but keep in mind that not all cosmetology schools are created equal. Some are dedicated to training you well and help you kickstart a career. Others just want to take your money. Make sure whatever school you choose has these essential features:


Accreditation and Bonding – Reputable cosmetology schools have been accredited by the National Accrediting Commission for Career Arts & Sciences. Accreditation means the training and evaluation offered by the school are on par with professional standards. Every option you consider should also have an active cosmetology school surety bond if required by law. If the school breaks any state laws, the surety bond ensures that students like you have a better chance of being compensated fairly.


Career-Oriented Curriculum – What aspect of cosmetology interests you most – hair, nails, skin? Make sure whatever you want to study is covered extensively in the cosmetology school curriculum. Don’t be afraid to ask for a course calendar. Keep in mind, however, that curriculum covers many topics and is designed to give you a broad understanding of cosmetology.


Affordable Tuition Costs – The total cost of cosmetology school varies widely and includes tuition, books, course materials, and possibly room and board. Paying more or less for school doesn’t necessarily translate into a stronger or weaker education or career prospects. The most important consideration is whether the tuition fits into your short and long-term budget.


Modern Facilities – Cosmetology is constantly improving and advancing, thanks to new technologies, techniques, and beauty products. Look for a school with clean, modern, up-to-date facilities and equipment to match. Your goal is to learn the cosmetology of the future, not the past.


Focus on Business – A career in cosmetology is about running a successful business, not just making people look great. Your cosmetology school should offer business training in subjects like marketing, money management, customer retention, and legal obligations. This training will be incredibly helpful once you’re a working cosmetologist.

How to Succeed at Cosmetology School

After you’ve found a school with accreditation, surety bonds for cosmetology school, great facilities and a full curriculum, you’re ready to dive into your career training. As important as it is to pick the right school, your performance as a student ultimately determines how well you do. Follow these tips to help you avoid stress while excelling early and often:


Focus on Your Weaknesses – If you’re going to cosmetology school, you’re probably already good at doing hair or nails. Try to cultivate these skills even more, but don’t neglect the things you’re bad at either. Good cosmetologists are skilled at everything. Plus, if you focus on your areas of improvement, the exams and evaluations will go a lot smoother.


Act Like a Professional – Cosmetology school is career training, so treat it like a job rather than a day at school. Show up early every day to get yourself prepared. Dress well and treat all instructors and fellow students with respect. Think of going to school like going to your own salon business – what would you do to put your best face forward?


Practice, Practice, Practice – Getting good at cosmetology takes a ton of trial-and-error. Everyone makes mistakes, sometimes the same ones over and over. Cosmetology school teaches you what you’re doing wrong and how to get it right, but only if you practice diligently. The more time you spend working on challenging techniques, the more confident you will feel when working with actual clients.


Attend Guest Speakers – Most cosmetology schools invite guests to give talks or demonstrations to their students. Attend as many of these as your schedule allows. You will probably learn new styles and techniques in the process. Plus, you can get ideas and advice from professionals who have built a successful career in cosmetology.


Stand Up for Yourself – Many states require institutions to maintain an active cosmetology school bond to cover the cost of fines issued by the state or other potential expenses due to misconduct on the part of the institution. This means if the cosmetology school is exploiting or manipulating students illegally, those students can seek recourse through the bond. If you have reason to believe your school is not treating you fairly or not being run properly, bring it to the attention of a state official.


The best cosmetology school for you is one that keeps you protected. That means they value accreditation and consider it important to have an active cosmetology school surety bond. Everyone at the school is committed to safety, value, and comprehensive career-training. Most important of all, the school is there to help you succeed, not just convince you to enroll. Find a school that puts you first and your career is already off to a great start.

Viking Bond Service – Strengthening Schools

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