Surety Bond Updates Across the United States

viking bond - surety bond updates united statesFor many business owners in the US, surety bonds are essential in helping their business grow and stay compliant with all state and federal regulations. Whether you operate a business that requires you to maintain a license or permit bond or intermittently need a contract bond to cover specific projects, it’s vital that you stay up to date with surety bond requirements in every state that your company conducts business in.
At Viking Bond Service we understand that as a business owner you have many tasks to take care of every day and it can be difficult to keep on top of changes to surety bond requirements in your state. To help you maintain the coverage you need for as long as you need it we’ve created an interactive online state map that highlights recent changes to surety bonding regulations in your state. To find out if any new changes will affect your business all you need to do is hover over the dot on each state!

Bond requirement updates

Surety Bond Interactive Map Header

For example, if you own and operate a driving school in Texas you can hover over the Texas dot to discover that as of September 2017 you are now required to maintain a $10,000 driving school surety bond for the primary school location and a $5,000 for any additional branches. Or perhaps you’re an energy broker in Maryland, in which case you can hover over the dot to learn that the Maryland Public Service Commission states that you must maintain a $10,000 driving school surety bond to operate in the area.

Whatever your business and wherever you operate, our interactive map can help ensure that you remain compliant with all surety bond regulations. We’re here to help you find the bond you need when you need it. If you’re ready to request a quote for a bond for your business we offer three ways to apply: using our online form, via email, or on the phone. We’ve developed a simple process for all license bond applications that can be completed online. If you need a contract bond we’ll need a little more information and one of our agents will guide you through the process on the phone. However, if you’d like to discuss your bonding needs or have questions about changes listed on our map please feel free to contact our team of licensed surety bond experts today!