4 Big US Construction Projects Happening in 2018

2018 construction projects

With some of the most expensive construction projects in the country currently underway it’s clear that 2018 is set to be a big year for large construction projects. Here are a few highlights of big US construction projects happening in 2018:

  1. California High-Speed Rail, Southern California

The California High-Speed Railway was the most expensive in the country, even before the January 2018 announcement that costs have spiked by another $2.8 billion, which brings the total to $10.6 billion—$89 million per mile! The construction is split into segments, with contracts individually awarded to winning bidders on a segment-by-segment basis. Existing construction is currently being completed by Tutor/Perini/Zachry/Parsons, Dragados/Flatiron, and California Rail Builders/Ferrovial Agroman. Construction started in 2015 and is scheduled to be completed by 2029.

  1. Hudson’s Development, Detroit

This project in the heart of downtown Detroit is set to begin soon. The redevelopment to create a mixed-use space that includes plans for the tallest building in the city, around 400 residential units, 100,000 square feet of retail space, 240,000 square feet of office space, and 700 parking spaces is estimated to cost a huge $1 billion. Barton Malow is handling construction and proposes a timeline with a completion date of 2022.

  1. One Vanderbilt, New York

2018 will see the One Vanderbilt construction project in New York really start to take shape as the steel structure begins to grow towards its skyscraper goal. The glass tower will be 1,401 feet, making it one of the tallest buildings in New York. The building will boast 1,000,000sq feet of mixed-use space split between 58 floors. Handling the construction of One Vanderbilt is leading building firm Tishman Construction, a business with a reputation for managing world-class construction projects in New York City. The project is due for completion in 2020 with the total construction costs expected to hit $3.14 billion!

  1. Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement, Seattle

The mining of this 1.7-mile tunnel and the upper roadway was completed in 2017 leaving construction work on the lower roadway to begin in 2018. The construction plans were split into 32 projects, which are being awarded to contractors using a project-by-project bidding process. Total costs are expected to reach $3.2 billion.

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