How Investment Advisor Bonds Work

Anyone who is planning to charge consumers a fee for providing financial advice must acquire an investment advisor surety bond, also called a financial advisor bond. The investment advisor surety bond is required to do this kind of work in most states. Usually, proof of the investment advisor surety bond must be submitted to the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs or the Department of Finance in the state in question.

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3 Things You Need to Know About Timber Sales Bonds

Forests are a public resource, providing we the people with timber for professional, public, and personal uses. Removing trees can help both contractors and landowners earn money, and if it is done properly, it can be done in harmony with the local ecosystem. However, when trees are removed incorrectly, harm to nearby waterways and surrounding wildlife is possible.

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Breaking Down Contract Surety Bonds: What is a Payment Bond?

Another type of contract bond is the payment bond. These bonds are required for most construction projects, so many, if not most, contractors have had these bonds. Payment bonds guarantee that subcontractors, laborers, and materials suppliers will be paid, and paid on time. Payment bonds and the surety companies that back them keep projects lien-free and help ensure that all parties are happy.

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Janitorial Bonds Protect You and Your Clients


As a maid, janitor, or any cleaning services provider, you may find that potential clients often insist on hiring only companies with janitorial bonds. These surety bonds ensure any cleaning services contract, and not only protect the person paying for the service, but they also protect your small business, which relies on reputation.

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Breaking Down Contract Surety Bonds: What is a Performance Bond?

A variety of construction bond is the performance bond. This type of surety bond guarantees that a project will be completed satisfactorily by the contractor who undertakes it. This is different than insurance; the surety doesn’t just pay when contractors default on work.

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How Construction Bonds Safeguard You

The construction industry is filled with risk. More than 60 percent of all small businesses, including smaller construction firms, contractors, and subcontractors, will be out of business within six years. The industry is also very sensitive to outside problems, such as equipment problems, economic downturns, high prices caused by trade tariffs like the recent steel tariff, labor problems, shortages of materials, and a variety of other factors.

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How Viking Bond Service Defines Surety Bonds in 2018

Are you wondering how surety bond companies like Viking Bond Service keep current in a marketplace that changes as quickly? To know how Viking Bond Service defines surety bonds in 2018, it helps to understand what a surety bond is, what the most common types of surety bonds are, and how the definition has changed in recent times.

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