Types of Surety Bond Collateral

surety bond collateral

Surety bond applications generally only require a business to submit an application form, supporting documentation, and the premium amount in order for the bond to be underwritten. However, there are some circumstances where a surety may require the applicant to provide a form of collateral to secure the bond. This generally occurs when a surety bond deems that the risk of issuing the bond is too great without the additional protection of collateral. Continue reading “Types of Surety Bond Collateral”

AIA Contract Documents – What’s New for Surety Bonds?

surety bond news

Every ten years the American Institute of Architects (AIA) updates its contract documents to address changes in the industry. With the last document changes made in 2007 it came as no surprise when the AIA issued new base documents in May 2017. One of the biggest and most significant changes to the documents for the surety industry was the removal of article 11 from contract A201-2007, this article covered the insurance and bond requirements of contractors. Continue reading “AIA Contract Documents – What’s New for Surety Bonds?”

What You Need to Know About Executor Bonds

executor bond

For most people the first time they’ll hear about an executor bond is when a friend or loved one who has named them as an executor to their will passes away. An executor bond can be required by the will documentation or by state regulations, if this is the case the executor will be required to get a surety bond in order to carry out their role as the will executor. Continue reading “What You Need to Know About Executor Bonds”

How Surety Bonds Protect Consumers

How Surety Bonds Protect Consumers

If you’ve ever visited a bar, bought a car, purchased a home, or worked with a contractor you’ve probably been protected by a surety bond. People often don’t realize that many of the businesses they use are required to have a surety bond. So why is this? State licensing requirements are designed to protect both the state and consumers from improper and unethical business activities. Continue reading “How Surety Bonds Protect Consumers”

Surety Bonds Vs. Letters of Credit

surety bonds vs letters of credit

Surety bonds and letters of credit are both used to manage risk and provide a form of financial guarantee for the people and organizations your business works with. If you’re not sure whether a surety bond or a letter of credit is a better choice for your business needs we’re here to help you understand your options!

Continue reading “Surety Bonds Vs. Letters of Credit”

Everything You Need to Know About Oil and Gas Bonds

Oil Gas Bonds

If you own a business that operates in the oil and gas industry you’ve probably already heard of surety and gas bonds. Whether you’ve had experience acquiring a bond before or this is your first time our oil and gas bond guide can help you understand everything you need to know about these types of surety bond.

Continue reading “Everything You Need to Know About Oil and Gas Bonds”

How Surety Bonds Benefit Business

How Surety Bonds Benefit Business

Surety bonds can often feel more like an annoyance than something that can help your business, but there may be benefits to bonds that you haven’t thought about! In fact, surety bonds actually have a much bigger impact than the reach of a single bond.

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